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To enhance the energy performance of buildings, we focus on thermal distribution systems during the design phase. These systems play a crucial role in a wide range of interventions available to the designer, impacting thermal comfort, energy conservation and architectural functionality.

Thermal diffusion systems represent a very important factor, capable to profoundly affect the performances related to thermal well-being and energy containment, both in architectural and functional terms.

The high level of integration between architecture and engineering represents the innovative aspect of our technological solution, which is increasingly gaining recognition in different construction contexts.

The qualities and value that distinguish our systems, especially their flexibility, are supported by extensive design experience and monitoring of all projects completed since 2003. Our products are certified according to current European regulations.


It often happens that even a well-designed project may not be feasible due to incompatibility with commercial products, operating systems, actual spaces, or the type of intervention required. Therefore, the collaboration between the contractor and the designer becomes crucial to combine feasibility and stability through alternative proposals and technical solutions. These include the use of alternative products, preparation of technical drawings, printing layouts, and technical reports to support the design process, all aimed at optimizing the results.

For each project, we provide a detailed and specific estimation, including analyses and verifications to support the economic evaluation. You can also request information and assistance regarding the sizing procedures, on-site inspections, certifications and final tests. We also offer tailored designs for sizing our countertops and wall radiant systems in various application areas.

Fire Protection

We carry out fire protection upgrades using specific plasterboard products or silicate calcium products that are asbestos-free. All our interventions comply with current regulations and come with a certificate of compliance.

The materials we use are all CE-marked and comply with the new European reference standard, EN 13501-1.

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